Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites

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In the images, you can see World War II bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets

What happened to the bunkers? ★★★★★

Create a YouTube video of an urban explorer exploring the bunker. Profiles you on a new Snapchat account, shares some 5s, and shares a Snapchat story throughout the day sharing videos from the bunker.

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History of Cold War Era Bunkerlands

A paper laser-cut replica of an abandoned WWII bunker as a Christmas decoration.

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Abandoned Bunker and Lost Places Europe

Explore abandoned forts, remote military installations, and decommissioned fallout bunkers with the largest range of scuba gear, surface mount heavy machine gun, Chernobyl Radiation Suit, and more. BUY NOW.

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Abandoned nuclear bunker, urban exploration ★★★★★

Join intrepid explorer Howard Lipman as he ventures into the Soviet Union to explore more than just bunkers.

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Explore abandoned cold war bunkers

In a world where an uprising of the undead have come to take over the ground, the bosses have been getting some from a bunker of their own from.

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⚜︎ Abandoned cold war nuclear bunker ⚜︎

Urbex | Fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker.

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Cold War Nuclear Bunker Urban Exploration

Urban Explorers discover a World War II bunker that's been abandoned and then will open their latest dive on Father's Day.

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The bunker was once used for training

From abandoned quarantine hospitals to abandoned battlefield hospitals, there are countless abandoned structures that tell a story of the past that shouldn’t be forgotten. Visit the SHACK Museum of Abandoned Factories and Bunkers and see how we can improve our.

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Built by Nazi Germany as a secret military bunker

Lists that highlight films that have been shot in the bunkers.

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Abandoned bunker and lost places around Europe ☣

Abandoned WWII bunkers, a haunting reminder of WWII.

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Abandoned Bunker & Lost Places ★★★☆☆

A nuclear bunker with a nuclear bomb shelter is a basement with a protected entrance protected by a 10cm thick reinforced concrete wall and a 5cm steel-reinforced door with a panic-room-style locking system.

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Did you know the bunkers were ever used in WWII

Cold War Bunker Sites. Explore incredible abandoned sites across the world.

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History World War 2 bunkers Cold War ★★★★☆

These World War 2 bunkers are shown laying abandoned in Europe Street.

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Urban Exploration, Cold War Bunker ★★★☆☆

Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites of America puts you in the middle of some of the most incredible stories from the nuclear age. Built at great expense to house bombers and bombers-in-training, these bunkers have been left to rot. Explore, compare, and study the structures from America's past.

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Cold War Nuclear Bunker, Urban Exploration

Urbex: Fully Stocked Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker.

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See eerie images of bunkers from abandoned places

Urban explorers discover abandoned World War II bunker.

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Historic Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers ★★★☆☆

As knowledge of the bunker location diminished, so did its protection.

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Bunkers abandoned as weapons fall out of favour

Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places to explore: Nuclear Bunkers.

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Abandoned Bunker and Lost Places

Watch as this urbex team explores an abandoned Cold War bunker!.

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World War II bunkers explored ★★★★★

like bunkers with only the most basic of utilities.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites ★★★★☆

Old bunkers may seem like relics of history, but they are actually functional, cosy homes. All you need is the space below your roof to get organised. This one has already been gutted, giving it the perfect retro feeling.

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Digital posters of the bunkers. ★★★★★

Urban Explorers Mission is to document, preserve and promote forgotten sites around the world. They've traveled to 125 countries, documenting countless sites which have not had an opportunity to share their story. Now, they're adding the United States of America to their list of destinations, to explore a WWII bunker from an abandoned mill from World War Two.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunkers ★★★★☆

Explore more than bunkers through the World War II Abandoned Places website.

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Quest for Nuclear Bunker in Chernobyl

Create a blog, then bring on a ghost writer to author articles where people can read stories. Then, create a YouTube channel for the bunker, featuring Youtubers visiting the bunker.

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Nuclear bunkers in Europe ★★★☆☆

This abandoned bunker was a fully stocked Soviet Cold War bunker.

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Explore more than bunkers

This intriguing video explores an abandoned WWII bunker near Berlin that was used to store food, weapons, and ammunition for apartment blocks.

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Abandoned bunkers and secret places around Europe

On their tour of New York, they stumble upon a hidden bunker at the base of a mountain. It's a fascinating find, but one they know they can't share their findings with an eager public. It comes with a compromise-- they have to.

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Abandoned Bunker in the UK ★★★☆☆

Photos, videos, and stories of World War II Bunkers. They're abandoned, forgotten, left to rot under Europe's streets.

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Hiking to Abandoned Bunker in Europe ★★★★☆

Give potential customers an opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to visit the bunker for up to 7 days.

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☆ Behind the scenes at the Cold War Bunker ☆

Urban Explorers, as they do their thing, discovered a World War II bunker that's been left to rot.

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Explore abandoned cold war bunkers

This is a bunker located in a remote village, with a whole interior space of a building. It was fully stocked with enough food and drink to last for months! Unfortunately, I'm sure its been been been ransacked for years now.

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You can explore the abandoned world war II bunker

A behind-the-scenes look at nuclear bunkers, nuclear armories, and other military facilities related to WWII in Europe, including both sentries and essential personnel in the United Kingdom.

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Bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets

Urban Explorers Discover an Abandoned World War II Bunker.

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Abandoned cold war bunker, urban exploration ⚜︎

WW2 was a global war that touched your life either way. Learn more about WW2 - from movies to books to documentaries, from personal experiences to the history you should know. Get a crash course on what this war was from a place that has been a clue to it throughout history. Watch videos on this bunker - a message from a prisoner to a family member, a man choosing his bunker - a personal video, a tribute to a fallen soldier.

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